An Introduction to Tire Shredder Machines

Tire shredder machines are a great way to get rid of tires without worrying about them going into a landfill. This article explains the different types of tire shredders, how they work and why they’re so much better than simply dumping them in the trash.

What is a Tire Shredder Machine?

Tire shredder machines are crucial for recycling or disposing of tires. Tire shredders can be used to put rubberized material into a fabric used to make synthetic grass or ground cover. Many trucking companies and recycling companies also use tire shredders to dispose of old tires.

How does it function?

Tire shredder machine function in one of two ways depending on the type of machine. One type slings rubber shred out to a conveyor belt or a container for collection. The second type turns shredded tire pieces into synthetic rubber that can be used for new tires or other purposes.

Why would you need one?

Tire shredder machines are very important to recycling programs. Due to the cost of harvesting and processing rubber, tire-shredding is necessary for the recycling process. Tire shredding machines can also reduce scrap tire volumes by 90%.

How do you use a tire shredder machine?

You may have seen tire shredder machines at vendor events, where they are used to produce mulch for landscaping. You can use a tire shredder machine by placing the tire onto the rim and applying pressure against the tire with a boot. As you push, the blade will cut through the rubber and carve it into small pieces of varying size.

Where can you find a tire shredder machine for sale?

Tire shredder machines are commonly used to remove and recycle old car tires. You can find these machines for sale at online and physical stores, such as auto supply stores. Some recycling plants also have tire shredder machines.

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