Are Quartz or Granite Countertops an Eco-friendly Choice?

Are you renovating your kitchen or bath in the Toledo and Perrysburg area and want to use a countertop that is both durable and safe for the environment? Both granite and quartz are quality options that help us build a greener future.

Granite Countertops are an All Natural Material

Your granite countertop features one ingredient: natural granite. It is cut straight off the mountain face and arrives in our showroom ready to be sawn down for a custom fit. Granite has no added toxic colorants or other chemicals. This stone is 100% natural.

A Countertop that May Last a Lifetime

While your granite countertop is expected to last at least 20 years, it can easily continue to perform in a kitchen for 100 years. Fewer construction materials enter landfills when you keep existing surfaces through the next decor update.

Quartz Countertops are Crafted Using Aggregate from the Granite Quarries

While quartz is a manmade material, it starts by using the leftover aggregate and dust created by the granite and marble quarry process. There are no quartz mining operations for the countertop industry, which lowers the impact of the final product on our ecology.

Both Types Offer No or Low VOCs

Since granite uses no toxic chemicals during the quarrying and cutting process, it introduces no volatile organic compounds into your home’s air. Quartz slabs are fully cured at the factory, which means they have very low VOC numbers and are considered safe and healthy materials to use in your home.

Your New Countertops Can Be Recycled or Repurposed in the Future

When you decide it is time to refresh your kitchen, both granite and quartz counters can be reused elsewhere in the home or sent to a recycling center where other families can take advantage of their beauty and function for many more years. There is no need to send a used counter in good condition to the landfill.

Discover all the beautiful possibilities of quartz and granite countertops when you visit The Countertop Shop showroom in Monclova. We happily install our custom counters in your Perrysburg or Toledo area home.