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Web Secure Services have more than five years experience in anti-bot solutions. Our team has a wealth of experience that includes developing and defeating bots on both sides of the fence. Therefore, if there is a team that has the understanding and deep-knowledge of how bots defeat loopholes, it is the team at Web Secure Services.

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BOT Security

The Need Of Bot Security

Bad bots  perform malicious activities and tasks on websites  and web applications and infect them by taking control of their associated resources. These bad bots steal identity information and can take over accounts.
Around 60% of traffic on websites is observed to be coming through bots. Malicious automated traffic can compromise the security of web application and loss of site confidential information. WSS Bot Mitigation solution is an API based service that identifies several kinds of malicious traffic accurately. By detecting bots, both good and bad, WSS bot protection platform enables you to understand your website traffic and implement an efficient bot access control process.

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WSS Advance Bot Security

WSS advanced bot safeguard solution can protect you from following threats

1. Automated Fraudulent Activities

Fraudulent activities on websites and web applications include:

-      Ad Fraud – Ad revenue is completely earned by automated traffic

-      Creation of account – Fake user accounts are created to take an advantage of the bonuses you can gain through the account

2. Content Scraping

The main threat that a lousy bot can impose on your website is the content scraping.
Content scraping is causing problems for digital businesses in such as Finance, Healthcare, Education, E-commerce, Entertainment Media and Publishing, Social Networking and Technology.  In content scraping, the competitors can scrape entire site content at a single go, as well as scrape your new and time-sensitive material such as prices on an hourly basis.

3. Drop in SEO Rank

Unique content is the intellectual property of a company’s business website. When content is misused or scraped, it results in SEO loss of site and decreases the search engine visibility. Because Google prioritizes unique and original content, scraped content drops the search engine rankings, and the scraper using the website content can often end up ranking higher than your Business in search results.

4. Carding

Bots perform carding to identify the card details used to perform purchases on websites or applications. A carding attack can negatively affect your businesses whose websites are used to steal your credit card credentials.

5. Credential Stuffing

Bots can also perform credential stuffing in which credentials obtained from a data breach on one service are used to attempt to log in to another unrelated service. In this malicious bot activity, the attackers use a list of user credentials to breach into a system by assuming that many users reuse username and password across multiple services.

What can WSS Advanced BOT Solution do?

Automated defences can eliminate automated lousy bot threats. WSS Bot Protection Solution is the best Antibot Solution Provider which can deliver proactive and multilayered security that drops bad bot traffic before it hits your network. Our solution can mitigate bots that perform account takeovers, vulnerability reconnaissance, and denial of service attacks targeted at your network or app layer.

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