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Web Secure Services have more than five years experience in anti-bot solutions. Our team has a wealth of experience that includes developing and defeating bots on both sides of the fence. Therefore, if there is a team that has the understanding and deep-knowledge of how bots defeat loopholes, it is the team at Web Secure Services.

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Content Scraping

Scraping involves extracting data or information from websites and publishing it elsewhere. What this means is that it is essentially the copying of content from a website and publishing it on a different platform. Content scraping, also known as web scraping and data scraping, is the least severe threat to your business. In most cases, it is an illegal activity if it is done without the consent of the author or the original source.

Loss In Valuable Content

Usually, content scrapers steal the whole content from websites or mobile applications and publish it to gain traffic. The individual/business that is content scraping claims the content as their own work. As copying and republishing are done without permission of the website owner or the original author, it does breach copyright laws.

Content Scraping Bots

Manually scraping content by copying and pasting can be a laborious chore. Therefore, scrapers utilize sophisticated bots to perform this task. Types of online businesses attacked by content scrapers:

  • Blogs, review sites
  • Educational platforms
  • Financial services
  • Online media
  • Online classifieds, job portals, and property websites

Many of today’s hyper-connected organizations face the challenge of addressing content scraping attacks in an efficient and scalable way. The impact of this attack can be broad, starting from overspending on infrastructure to the devastating loss of intellectual property.

The Impact of Content Scraping

Loss of valuable content

Scrapers and competitor bots have an unfair advantage after using your content. After spending a significant amount of energy, time, and money, the content on your website or blog becomes your most valuable asset. When your content is scraped and published elsewhere, the genuine traffic to your website becomes affected, and this may affect your revenue.

Loss in SEO ranking

When your content becomes duplicated illegally, the content on the scraper’s site or app tends to outrank your original content, significantly hurting your SEO strategy, and the search engine giant has little sympathy. This harms your site in search rankings. Therefore, content Scrapping lowers the search rank of the original publisher’s website.

Bad user experience

Scraper bots, when they crawl your website or app, can stress your servers and network bandwidth with multiple page requests in a short period. This significantly increases the server load time and creates bad user experience, making your website and mobile application unusable for your users, and critically denting your brand reputation.

Disorted Analytics

The biggest impact web scrapping possesses on a business is that it reduces their web authority. Bots visiting your website or app can generate fake page views. This distorts your analytics, and you no longer can rely on the metrics that you see. Sooner or later, you will start to wonder about the reason behind your poor conversion rates.

The Need for Security

WSS provides an end-to-end analytics platform that offers objective data to help you make informed decisions to secure, analyze, and control the whole system of any application portfolio. With WSS Code Security, the scope in threat mitigation is unparalleled, with over 3000+ custom rules, the ability to suppress defects, and create tailored action plans while meeting the most rigorous industry standard requirements.

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