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Web Secure Services have more than five years experience in anti-bot solutions. Our team has a wealth of experience that includes developing and defeating bots on both sides of the fence. Therefore, if there is a team that has the understanding and deep-knowledge of how bots defeat loopholes, it is the team at Web Secure Services.

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What Is An API

Applications communicate with one another through APIs (Application programming interfaces). APIs serves as an intermediary allowing the free flow of systems between one another. They can be used to send messages, calls, text, and lots more. For example, a mobile API would connect to the internet in other to send and receive data from a server. The server would also receive the message and send it to the mobile device through the API. API's are also used in web and desktop applications. That means any compromise to your API can greatly compromise your personal or organizational data.

How Bots Attack API

A bot is an automated software that runs a specific task over a mobile or web platform. Hackers typically use bots to perform malicious activities on mobile and web application programming interfaces that can greatly compromise your data.

Bots try to access the web and mobile APIs in other to steal information or disrupt how they operate. Cybercriminals have a lot of ways to compromise APIs through bots, but the most trivial method they use is reverse engineer the API. This is a system where Cybercriminals set up a proxy between the API and the application in other to record the content calling endpoints. They can also use bots to log into the applications through the API in other to perform criminal actions. Furthermore, bots can be used to study how an application operates through the API. Once they have established how the programs function, they can automate the process and steal information from your applications.

Possible Threats When Bot Attacks Through API

Server hacking

They can make your server or network resource unavailable by compromising your API

access applications

They can control your applications through the API

Multiple Server Request

They can disrupt the server by overwhelming it with an unnecessary request through the API

Data Breach

They can compromise your data through the API

WSS technology to prevent API Abuse

Application programming interfaces are used to exchange data and communication between different systems, and we provide security for your API’s that would ensure your business data is not compromised through scrapping, DDoS attacks and server shutdowns.

Integrate and Implement WSS API and data security

WSS API and Data security is lightweight and uses a server plugin for seamless integration. The plugin enables integration with the backend technology stack and creates a connection with the server and application programming interface for 24/7 all-round protection.

WSS provides a real-time Protection Against API Vulnerabilities

WSS API security blocks attempt by bots to bypass device profiling

Reduces API calls & request in other not to overwhelm the server

Blocks browser non-present requests and filters request from headers

Prevents bots against direct API access in other to high-jack applications

WSS Data and API security filters and detects the unwanted traffic o server

Cross-platform and compatibility

WSS API and Data security is platform-independent and can be deployed across any platform or architecture. Our API and Data security system can run efficiently on any mobile or web platform, and we carry out compatibility testing and identify/resolve all bottlenecks. Our API bot security system is compatible with the vast architecture of mobile and web operating system. They integrate with your platform and collect HTTP information and enforces Bot detection and blocking.

Our Support

We are happy and available to answer your queries whenever you reach out to us for your API security. From questions on deployment, account set up, upgrade, or whatever the issue may be. We understand that you cannot have every answer to your question, and that is why we are here to help you with issues relating to API and data security.  Our dedicated team of engineers is always available to support you. 

Live dashboard to track Bot Attacks and defense

Live dashboard to track Bot Attacks and defense

API and data security dashboards monitor and research bot threats as they happen on your API and give you a live update through the dashboard. Put yourself in control and get a complete picture of all threats and activities on your API with our sophisticated live reporting dashboards. It gives a holistic report on threats and activities detected for your API. It correlates all of your data logs availability, intrusions attempts and can help communicate security knowledge to you.

Monthly Reporting

Monthly Reporting

API and data security system comes with unique, powerful, and accurate monthly reports. It correlates threats and intrusion attempts every day and makes a monthly report for you. The system gives you meaningful and actionable insight into threats and intrusions. You can harness data intelligence to drive the success of your business effortlessly with monthly reports.

Regular Updates

Regular Updates

API and data security have a powerful server plugin that connects your device with the server and carries out automatic updates for you. There are new bot definitions every day, and we improve on our systems and create a regular update schedule to keep your device safe.