Guidelines, Restrictions, and Advice for Air Canada Carry On Size


Knowing your airline’s carry-on size restrictions is crucial when travelling by air. One of Canada’s major airlines, Air Canada, has unique regulations for carry-on luggage. You may prevent unpleasant surprises and guarantee a hassle-free trip by following these suggestions. This article will go into the specifics of Air Canada’s carry-on size restrictions, look at any additional restrictions, offer helpful advice, and address frequently asked issues about carry-on luggage. In order to find out everything you need to know about Air Canada’s carry-on size restrictions, continue reading if you’re planning a trip with them.

Air Canada Carry On Size Overview

Air Canada permits travellers to bring one standard-sized carry-on bag and one personal item, such as a handbag, laptop bag, or small backpack, on board the aircraft. The carry-on bag’s measurements, including handles and wheels, cannot be larger than 55 cm by 23 cm by 40 cm (21.5 in x 9 in x 15.5 in). In addition, any additional pockets or compartments added to the bag must fit within the permitted size range. It’s vital to note that these dimensions include the bag’s exterior dimensions.

When it comes to policing its carry-on size restrictions, Air Canada is reputed to be particularly rigorous. To make sure your bag fits within the allowed dimensions, it is advised to measure it before leaving. Overweight or oversized bags might need to be checked in and transported in the cargo hold instead.

Limitations on Carry-On Baggage

Air Canada has special rules regarding the weight of carry-on luggage in addition to size limits. Depending on the location and fare class, carry-on luggage weight restrictions can change.

The standard weight restriction for travellers flying Economy Class within Canada, the United States, and Sun destinations is 10 kilogrammes (22 lb) per bag. However, if you’re flying within Canada or the United States on a Flex or Latitude fare, you’re allowed up to two bags, each of which can only weigh 10 kg (22 lb). The carry-on weight restriction for foreign flights, including those to Europe, Asia, and South America, is 12 kg (26 lb) per bag.

Additionally, there are some limitations on what you can include in your carry-on bag with Air Canada. Liquids, gels, and aerosols must be packaged in clear, resealable plastic bags and be contained in 100 ml (3.4 oz) or smaller containers. Each passenger is only allowed one plastic bag on the plane, and it must be provided separately for security check.

Additionally, there are limitations on weapons, sharp objects, and other potentially harmful goods. In order to avoid any problems at the security checkpoint, it is imperative that you are aware with Air Canada’s list of forbidden items before you pack your carry-on bag.

Tips for Adhering to Air Canada’s Limitations on Carry-On Size (300 words)

Take into account the following advice to guarantee a hassle-free journey and prevent having to check your carry-on bag:

To make sure your carry-on bag fits within Air Canada’s permitted dimensions, carefully measure it before your trip, taking into account the handles and wheels. You can avoid unpleasant shocks at the airport by doing this.

If you frequently fly with Air Canada and find that your carry-on luggage frequently reaches the airline’s size restrictions, think about investing in a smaller bag that conforms with the rules. You’ll feel more at ease and any potential problems will be avoided.

Use packing methods that maximise space and reduce extra mass to efficiently pack your belongings. You can fit more in your carry-on suitcase by rolling your clothes, using packing cubes, and picking lightweight travel necessities.

Be mindful of the limitations on personal items: Although Air Canada permits you to bring one additional personal item along with your carry-on bag, it’s vital to remember that it must be of an acceptable size. The airline may decide that large backpacks or huge purses are not personal belongings and ask you to check them in.


To guarantee everyone’s comfort and safety, Air Canada carry on size requirements. Your journey can go more smoothly and enjoyably if you comprehend and follow these rules. Always measure your luggage, pack lightly, and be mindful of any additional guidelines or constraints particular to your fare class and final destination. You can be well-prepared and prevent any unnecessary problems by doing this. Enjoy your journeys with Air Canada!