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Web Secure Services have more than five years experience in anti-bot solutions. Our team has a wealth of experience that includes developing and defeating bots on both sides of the fence. Therefore, if there is a team that has the understanding and deep-knowledge of how bots defeat loopholes, it is the team at Web Secure Services.

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The Need Of

Bot Security For Mobile Applications

The rapid growth of mobile technology has transformed the way organizations operate and also how customers interact with businesses. More and more mobile applications are built every day, but there are also more hacks and data breaches. These days organizations face an enormous risk that can cause severe financial and reputational damage. Financial industries are mostly targeted and affected; however, any promising mobile app can be targeted by hackers. 

Therefore mobile application security is a critical component for developers because their application needs to meet up with security requirements in other to ensure the safety of the client's information. At WSS, we have the expertise in mobile application security, and our solutions can give you a robust and flawless security solution your mobile application deserves.

The Ugly Truth About

Bots Traffic vs. Human Traffic On Websites

Mobile applications bring many benefits and could be very useful for individuals and organizations. It is useful because of its capability for fast transfer of data or information. Faster data sharing can improve productivity and business growth.  However, using mobile technology also has a major risk as a result of Bolt inference and the reason why you ought to secure your applications. The most common problem every mobile user and business encounter is security breaches through bots interfere on the following:

  • Bots interfere on the following
  • Data security on a mobile device
  • Analysis and monitoring of devices

How Programmer

Automate Bots For Mobile Apps

Interacting with your customers and employees is a way of sustaining growth for your business, but you never can tell when an automated bot would compromise your mobile device. There are lots of frameworks used by programmers to automate bots in other to compromise your mobile device. Some of the frameworks include Selenium, Monkey runner, Appium, Botpress, BotKit,Wit.ai, and lots more. These are powerful AI-powered bots that can penetrate your mobile device applications and compromise your data


Bots Possesses

Bots are one of the most dangerous cyber-security threats, and they can infect your data and mobile device easily. Bots can be used to send Trojan horses, viruses, spyware in other to compromise your mobile device and gain access to your data. some of the threats posed by Bots are:

Denial of Service (DDoS)

Denial of Service (DDoS)

Automated attacks on the Application Layer

Data Theft

Data Theft

Steal personal and financial information



Send spam and phishing emails

Malware Attack

Malware Attack

Infect your systems with worms and viruses

WSS Technology

WSS bot mitigating system can secure your mobile device and application from bot attacks. Mobile app developers, Enterprises, government agencies all rely on WSS bot mitigation software. Our solution offers an accurate, in-depth mobile application assessment and security for any mobile platform. We have an elite team of dedicated professionals that study the latest trends in mobile security and can provide expert solutions and optimization for the growing needs in mobile app technology. Therefore you should protect your apps with the world-leading technology in mobile application security.

Fingerprint browsing

WSS mobile Bot mitigation systems use fingerprint browsing as a secure way of authentication and keeping you safe while browsing. Data is collected on the server and client-side for authentication. Fingerprint browsing is easy to use and highly accurate.

Mobile obfuscation

WSS gives you complete app protection through mobile obfuscation. It enables the internal logic of the app to be protected, makes the reading of an app binary almost impossible, and aims to confuse hackers when they try to determine how the app works through bots.

Robust Code Protection

WSS bot security for mobile has you and your applications covered. Your source code files, such as DLL, SO, DEX, etc. would be securely protected against hacks. It carries out Run time application self-protection, app integrity protection, Network packet sniffing/spoofing, Anti-debugging, etc.

How to integrate and Implement

WSS security To Protect Mobile App​

WSS mobile app security is lightweight and uses a server plugin for seamless integration. The plugin enables integration with the backend technology stack and creates a connection with the server and your mobile device for 24/7 all-round protection.

WSS BAD bot analyzer

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Server Plugin

WSS mobile app security is lightweight and uses a server plugin for seamless integration. The plugin enables integration with the backend technology stack and creates a connection with the server and your mobile device for 24/7 all-round protection.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

WSS bot security for mobile is platform-independent and can be deployed on iOS, Android, or any other mobile operating system or infrastructure. Our bot security system can run efficiently on your app no matter the type of application. We carry out compatibility testing and identify all bottlenecks.

Our Support

We are happy and available to answer your queries whenever you reach out to us. From questions on deployment, account set up, upgrade, or whatever the issue may be. We understand that you cannot have every answer to your question, and that is why we are here to help you. Our dedicated team of engineers is always available to support you.

Live dashboard to track Bot Attacks and defense

WSS dashboards monitor and research bot threats as they happen and give you a live update through the dashboard. Put yourself in control and get a complete picture of all threats and activities on your mobile device with our sophisticated dashboards. It gives a holistic report on threats and activities detected for each app. it correlates all of your data logs availability, intrusions attempts, and can help communicate security knowledge to you.

Monthly Reporting

WSS mobile bot security systems come with a unique, powerful, and accurate monthly reports. It correlates threats and intrusion attempts every day and makes a monthly report for you. The systems give you meaningful and actionable insight into threats and intrusions. You can harness data intelligence to drive the success of your business effortlessly with monthly reports.

Regular Updates

WSS mobile bot security has a powerful server plugin that connects your device with the server and carries out automatic updates for you. There are new bot definitions every day, and we improve on our systems and creates a regular update schedule to keep your device safe.