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Web Secure Services have more than five years experience in anti-bot solutions. Our team has a wealth of experience that includes developing and defeating bots on both sides of the fence. Therefore, if there is a team that has the understanding and deep-knowledge of how bots defeat loopholes, it is the team at Web Secure Services.

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Safeguard Your Web Content Against Bots Using WebSecure Services


A Threat to your Business

Nowadays, websites are spending vast amounts of money and time on building their content, including the blogs and articles, on ranking it higher and to bring it in front of their audience. Unique and attractive content differentiates a website or a blog from its competitors. A dangerous breed of bots is waiting to hit the business sites to scrape their entire data.

To improve the CTR (click-through rate) of the websites, people use the advantage of the bots. Bots are automated programs that carry out repetitive activities. In today’s digital world, per cent of all current bot traffic is used for malicious purposes. It becomes a trouble for any company with a significant online presence.Imagine the kind of boost a website or a company can see in its revenues and the sort of amount sites can save on their infrastructure costs.It is an unpleasant situation where hard-earned investments are being used to feed the bots as no one can see the difference between the good bots and the bad bots. This has to change for good. The first step towards change would be securing your unique data from these bots without affecting the user experience on the website.

Content Scraping – The Major Threat of BAD BOTS

The main threat that a lousy bot can impose on your website is the content scraping.
Content scraping is causing problems for digital businesses in such as Finance, Healthcare, Education, E-commerce, Entertainment Media and Publishing, Social Networking and Technology.  In content scraping, the competitors can scrape entire site content at a single go, as well as scrape your new and time-sensitive material such as prices on an hourly basis. Scraping the content of your website can be dangerous in the following ways:

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AntiBot Software will protect your Business

The Bot mitigation solution developed by Web Secure Services can protect your Business in the following ways:

A business strategy is the means by which it sets out to achieve desired ends. You have ideas, goals, and dreams. We have a culturally diverse, forward thinking team looking for talent like you.

Accurate website analytics

Web Secure Services’s bot mitigation solution detects bot traffic on your website and blocks them in real-time so that the analytics shows only genuine traffic to the site. An accurate analytics report will help make the right marketing strategies and set the right goals.

Prevent spam bots

Our bot solution will safeguard your website community forums from spam and unsolicited comments. It detects and blocks the spambots in real-time, stopping them from performing malicious and fraudulent activities.

Increased website performance

By deploying WSS’s bot mitigation solution, all the unwanted bot traffic is blocked, and ultimately the website loading speed is increased. Now, only legitimate users can access your website. The increased load speed will also improve website performance and customer experience.

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