The Causes of Under-Eye Wrinkles and Treatment Options

When you glare or smile, your delicate under-eye skin is strained, which can eventually lead to fine line formation. Sleeping on a particular side can also have an impact. It’s crucial to remember that even when your face is calm, the skin around your eyes is still constantly moving as you blink. To make matters worse, there aren’t many sebum glands around the eye, which lubricates or keeps it damp.

Over time, the skin starts to droop, lose its elasticity, and develop 皺紋 around the eyes. The major causes of fine lines around the eyes are –


DNA plays a major role in everything. Right from skin tone to various kinds of illnesses, most of them are genetically affected.


Ageing is the common cause of fine lines and sagging skin, bags as well as wrinkles under and around the eyes. With age, skin gets thinner and drier, which means the reduction of collagen. Therefore, fine lines are prominent.

UV rays 

Tanning is not the only problem due to UV exposure. Sun can harm your skin in several ways. When your skin absorbs UV rays it damages the elasticity and collagen of the skin, resulting in 眼紋.

Lack of Sleep

Your body needs to rest to recover itself. Specifically, as you sleep, the cells in your skin renew essential amounts of collagen and elastin. Lack of sleep reduces the amount of time your body has to heal. You may already be aware that sleep deprivation results in dark, tired-looking eyes.

Methods to Remove Fine Eye Lines 


DEP Skin Care 

Dermoelectroporation (DEP) is a non-invasive electronic skin penetration technique that employs vibration and current transfer to quickly improve skin penetration without causing any harm to the skin. It can provide lifting and wrinkle reduction around the eyes.

Rose V HIFU- Needle Free Thread Treatment 

The output energy of Rose V HIFU is denser and more invariant than that of standard HIFU. The procedure is almost painless, trauma-free, and more comfortable than conventional HIFU. The treatment of the thin skin around the eyes is the focus of Rose V HIFU.


The Hong Kong Department of Health, the US Food and Drug Administration (US FDA), the UK Medicines Regulatory Authority (UK MHRA), and the Federal Institute for Medicines and Medical Devices in Germany have all given their approval for the botulinum toxin XEOMIN.

If you think of medical aesthetic injections to 去眼紋, you must pick a reputable medical aesthetic centre like Retens and have the procedure under the supervision of an experienced licenced doctor. The treatment centre is located at the heart of Tsim Sha Tsui. They use 100% original products with the latest and advanced technology.

Home Remedies 

  • Apply sunscreen whenever going out. Wear a hat and sunglasses o cover your eyes, and wear full sleeve clothes, if possible, to protect your skin from damage.
  • Moisturize your skin as much as possible, but that doesn’t mean you wear sticky moisturizer, which attracts dirt that clogs pores. Wear light moisturizer that hydrates skin and keeps it plump.
  • Pamper yourself by applying an eye mask, moisturizing your eyes every night before sleeping, do mild eye exercises. Take short breaks every hour from constantly watching desktop or laptop screen and avoid late-night movies and mobile phones.

The world has changed dramatically, and with new inventions, it is easy to get rid of any problems. Consult your dermatologist and find the best way to avoid fine lines under your eyes.