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Web Secure Services have more than five years experience in anti-bot solutions. Our team has a wealth of experience that includes developing and defeating bots on both sides of the fence. Therefore, if there is a team that has the understanding and deep-knowledge of how bots defeat loopholes, it is the team at Web Secure Services.

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Website Bot security

Websites are attacked by bots every day, and it is estimated that 73% of all cybernetic attacks come from websites. It is easier to prevent a bot attack on your website through our Website bot security service than to restore a lost reputation if your website gets hacked by criminals. With Bot security for your website, you would be able to keep cybercriminals and hackers from accessing your sites and stealing sensitive information. Without a proactive measure, you risk compromising your organizational data. Therefore you should opt for our website security services and be assured of the safety of your business. Our primary objective is to provide security solutions for our clients against bot attacks. We improve our website protection technology to keep up with the trend.

Bots traffic vs. human traffic on websites

It is estimated that 61% of website traffic on the internet is not human but carried out by bots. This none human traffic bots are used in scrapping sites, hacking tools, search bots, impersonators, code theft, and lots more. These bots can greatly damage your websites and your data. They could make you invest in the wrong areas of your business by given you false statistics. A page may receive high traffic, andyou might be thinking that the page is of more interest to people without realizing that bots visited those pages. Your ability to determine human traffic vs. fake bot traffic can help in making crucial business decisions.

How programmer automate Bots for Website

The use of automated bot is becoming very common for hackers and even novice hackers. This is because creating a bot has become very easy, and there are a lot of frameworks used by programmers to create bots in a few minutes. They exploit website vulnerabilities and carry out a lot of automated tasks for hackers. Platforms such as Flow XO, Selenium, Chromium, WotNot, Chattypeople, Puppeteer, and lots more can be used easily to create bots. These bots carry out automated actions and possess a lot of threat for websites.

Threats Bots Possesses

Hackers develop all kinds of bad bots that pose security and operational threats to your websites.

Bolts can be designed as vulnerability scanners, DDoS networks, hacking, impersonations, sending a high volume of traffic to your websites, and lots more. Here are the major threats of bots on a website

Slow Down your website

A bot can be programmed to give your site 100, 000 page views in a few minutes. This can consume your bandwidth and slow down your website.

Data Breach

Data breaches can be very expensive, and sometimes it will not be very easy to tell when your website has been compromised. Bots have the potential of high jacking your website and compromising your data.

Incorrect Analytics

You would not be able to correctly determine which pages are of interest to your audience as a result of continuous bot views on your pages.

Abusive Bots

Abusive bots can carry out a lot of abusive activities on your websites. A bot can carry out content scraping, account takeover, fraudulent checkout, and lots more, which can be dangerous for your business.

WSS BAD bot analyzer

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Features Of

WSS Bot Protection Technology

WSS technology can protect and secure your websites against bots, intrusions, and data compromise. In other to be resilient against attacks and combat cyber threats, every website must have automated bot security. At WSS, we provide powerful, affordable website security systems designed for all sizes of organizations that would enable you to operate without fear. Here are some features of our technology. Here are the major features of WSS technology

Dynamic Scripting

Dynamic Scripting

WSS website bot security employs dynamic script type to detect whatever approach hackers want to adopt in other to compromise a website. Dynamic scripting can maximize website security against malicious bots and keep your site safe.

5 Captcha Solution

5 Captcha Solution

WSS adopts a captcha solution in order to keep your site free of a bot, & other malicious programs. Captcha works like security locks, and in other, for a bot to gain access, it must be validated. This has the potential to keep your site free of bots.



WSS website bot security technology uses Obfuscation to protect thousands of websites. Obfuscation is a technique in which we intentionally obscure the code of your website in other to give an unclear message to any bot that tries to alter it.

Our Expertise In

Bot Detection & Protection

Our engineers and security professionals are vastly experienced in website bot protection services. We always learn/upgrade in other to provide a 24/7 hundred-percent security service for your website. You do not have to wait until it is too late before you act. You should take proactive measures in ensuring the safety of your website against bots.We have been protecting thousands of websites against bots across several industries, and we are the most trusted organization in bot security.

WSS has the necessary expertise and endpoint across the world that enables our bot mitigation system for the website process thousands of data in real-time. Real-time data processing limits latency to the tune of one millisecond, which enhances productivity.

Web Secure Services

Bot Mitigation Technology

WSS has a specialist bot detection and intrusion prevention mechanism that gives your websites all-round protection. Our system can detect genuine human traffic from that of bad bots and provides the intelligence needed to protect your site.

WSS would automatically block bad bots after filtration because there are good bots such as search engine crawlers. With the system, you would be able to white list and blacklist suspicious IP's subnet, URL, and lots more.

Our Support

We are happy and available to answer your queries whenever you reach out to us. From questions on deployment, account set up, upgrade, or whatever the issue may be. We understand that you cannot have every answer to your question, and that is why we are here to help you. Our dedicated team of engineers is always available to support you.

Live dashboard to track Bot Attacks and defense

Live dashboard to track Bot Attacks and defense

WSS dashboards monitor and research bot threats as they happen and give you a live update through the dashboard. Put yourself in control and get a complete picture of all threats and activities on your websites and web applications through WSS sophisticated dashboards. It gives a holistic report on threats and activities detected for every site. It correlates all of your data logs availability, intrusions attempts and can help communicate security knowledge to you.

Monthly Reporting

Monthly Reporting

WSS technology comes with a unique, powerful, and accurate monthly report system. It correlates threats and intrusion attempts every day and makes a monthly report for you. The systems give you meaningful and actionable insight into threats and intrusions on your websites and web applications. You can harness data intelligence to drive the success of your business effortlessly with monthly reports.

Regular Updates

Regular Updates

WSS website security has a powerful server plugin that connects your website/web application with the server and carries out automatic updates for you. There are new bot definitions every day, and we improve on our systems and create a regular update schedule to keep your device safe.