What Is an Automotive Dealer CRM

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CRM customer relationship management concept. Clients support software and online marketing technology.

Automotive CRM is an essential part of an automotive dealership’s business management. A good CRM will help ensure that a dealership complies with TCPA rules. Several automotive CRMs out there, including AutoRaptor, Freshworks, Pipedrive, and Salesforce. Let’s explore each one to see if it’s the right fit for your dealership.


AutoRaptor is a simple, intuitive CRM solution for independent and BHPH dealers. It helps dealers stay organized, automate their sales process, hold their team accountable, and earn more customers. The company strives to offer the best customer experience and has one of the industry’s most professional Training and Support teams.

AutoRaptor allows dealers to customize the daily sales process, set a daily work plan, and tracks each task, which helps the dealership maintain accountability. With its mobile app, sales reps can scan driver’s licenses, get demographic information, and develop trade information with a button.

AutoRaptor allows dealerships to automate their sales process and manage high volumes of leads. It also organizes tips from multiple sources into one central location, making it easier for sales teams to leverage them and convert them into long-term customers. It also allows dealerships to schedule customer replies and send targeted communications based on their responses. AutoRaptor can help dealers create messages that are personal yet never spammy. Moreover, to provide a single picture of the client across your dealership, experts like VinSolutions‘ offers automotive software solutions that combine your systems and tools. As a result, you can retain relationships and increase repeat business.


Freshworks automotive dealer CRM is a cloud-based CRM that enables car dealerships to connect with their customers through the cloud. It includes customer data management, partner relationship management, and salesforce automation. It also provides a mobile application and seamless interdepartmental integration.

The software also allows dealers to pre-approve customers through soft credit pulls, which do not affect a customer’s credit score and make the sale easier. Besides, the CRM will enable dealerships to determine which marketing channels are most effective and which aren’t. They can also run customized reports to see which marketing efforts yield the most results.

Freshworks automotive dealer CRM is available in four pricing plans and comes with various features. The CRM also has an AI-powered sales assistant called Zia, which helps users to make informed decisions. However, advanced features like AI-based lead scoring are available only with advanced pricing plans.


Pipedrive is an automotive dealer CRM that makes the car sales process seamless, nurturing customers at every touchpoint and generating unlimited sales opportunities. The system’s tools help automotive dealerships build relationships with leads, collect customer data, and increase employee productivity. By automating these processes, the CRM software frees up staff to focus on customer service and engaging customers.

It’s easy to manage multiple contacts in Pipedrive and use custom fields to segment your contacts further. The system enables your team to create a shared inbox and filter data using customizable fields. These features allow you to organize and track KPIs and essential reports easily. Managers can create goals for themselves, their teams, and the entire company and track progress with customizable dashboards. In addition, users can share reports with other team members and others.

The sales management feature in Pipedrive lets you visualize your pipeline and keep track of critical communications with your prospects. The CRM system also allows you to schedule meetings and calls. It also helps track leads and sales activities and offers mobile access for greater productivity. Although its feature set is limited, it allows you to add and organize deals easily. You can also manage your pipeline by stage. You can also set up separate channels for each team member. It also offers a robust API that lets you integrate other business applications.


Automotive dealer CRM software can automate and streamline many daily tasks a dealership has to perform, including following up with leads, managing fleet sales, and closing B2B sales. This powerful solution is highly flexible and customizable, making it an ideal fit for many businesses. In addition to automating tasks and ensuring compliance with TCPA regulations, CRM software can also be used for marketing campaigns, strengthening customer relationships, and determining inactive lead status.

Automotive dealer CRM software from Salesforce is a cloud-based platform that helps streamline many processes a car dealership has to go through. It enables staff members to engage customers in real-time, deliver competitive bids, and create personalized customer journeys. It also offers powerful reporting features and a built-in lead management module.

This software enables dealerships to use data-driven AI capabilities and integrate back-office systems to develop and deliver innovative, scalable solutions. In addition, it gives sales staff access to real-time customer data, enabling them to work from anywhere, anytime, and on any device. As a result, automotive CRM software streamlines the buying process, reducing customer frustration and boosting revenue.