Finding the Perfect Foreign Car Rental for Your Journey

Renting a car during travel can seem like a deceptively simple task. You pay, hop in, and go from point A to B. But there are some important factors to consider.

For example, how much legroom or fuel efficiency do you need? And what kind of road conditions are you planning to navigate?

Size Mattersforeign car rentals Los Angeles

The best foreign car rentals Los Angeles for your journey depend on various factors. Some of these are more obvious than others, such as the number of people you will be traveling with and the amount of luggage that needs to fit in the vehicle.

Other factors, such as fuel efficiency and manual versus automatic transmission, also play a role in choosing the right vehicle for you. Lastly, consider whether you are willing to pay for an additional driver and if you need a one-way drop-off option.

Making all car rental arrangements before leaving home whenever possible is best. This will ensure you can get the car you want at a price that fits your budget. It will also help to avoid hassles such as currency conversions, unfamiliar car rental specs, and hidden fees at the counter. In addition, it will be easier to compare rates on your desired rental car and extras from different companies online.

Insurance Is Key

Many car rental contracts include liability insurance, which can be an important factor to consider. But make sure you also check your auto insurance and credit card policies, as there are often specific stipulations about driving abroad.

Some cards cover all foreign rentals. However, if you plan to rent a luxury or exotic car or a vehicle with eight or more people, your policy may not cover it.

Before traveling, it’s always best to make all your arrangements, including insurance. Then, you can avoid unforeseen issues like changing exchange rates and unfamiliar rental specs. Likewise, booking in advance can often lead to cheaper prices. Double-check pricing, as some agencies fudge conversions to trick you into paying more. This is especially common when renting from a location outside your home country. Using a currency conversion site can help you avoid these traps. Then, you’ll be more prepared to negotiate a fair price with the company.

Know the Rules of the Road

If you are planning to rent a vehicle for an extended trip, it’s important to know the rules of the road, including how far you can drive, if there are one-way fees, and if the vehicle will come with unlimited mileage. It’s also helpful to understand the types of cars available in different countries, especially when choosing a budget rental. For instance, manual transmission vehicles are more common in Europe and may cost more than automatic cars.

To register additional drivers to the car, you must understand any extra driver fees that may be assessed per driver. It’s also helpful to familiarize yourself with driving regulations ahead of time, such as seatbelt requirements and speed limits. Also, be aware of the type of fuel you’ll need to purchase at local gas stations. What Americans call “gas” may be called essence, petrol, or benzine in other countries. You’ll also need to know if the gas station accepts credit cards or if cash is required.

Book Early

Most travelers begin their vacation planning by scouring the internet for the best flights and then checking out hotels, but booking a rental car often comes as an afterthought. However, due to the coronavirus pandemic and resulting changes in travel industry policies and rates, now more than ever is the time to start planning for your vehicle ahead of — or in tandem with — your airfare.

If you’re seeking a certain type of car, optional features, or other specifications, reserving your vehicle online in advance will increase the likelihood that the company has that exact model available when you show up to pick it up. This can be particularly helpful if traveling during peak season when popular travel destinations and high demand result in limited availability.

Also, booking early through an OTA or a travel portal can help you save money and earn extra perks like airline miles or hotel loyalty program points.