Freeze Dried Food for an Exceptional Camping Experience

Freeze dried food is an essential commodity for campers because it is preserved through a special process that retains the food’s nutrients, flavor, texture, shape and aroma. The food is also easy to prepare and packaged in portable packages. Also, food treated through this process can stay good for up to 25 years when not opened. However, even when it is opened, campers can still use the food for up to one year while it is in good condition using proper storage technics. Additionally, the food comes in different packages that are ideal for different number of campers. Wise Foods are amongst the best known brands and can be obtained at discounted prices from online retail outlets.

How Freeze Dried Meals are processed:

Both fresh and cooked meals can be freeze dried. The food is firstly flash frozen in a special vacuum chamber that reaches up to -50F temperatures. Secondly, it is then subjected to a low-level heat that allows the ice crystals to evaporate without going back to their liquid state. This process is referred to as sublimation and it removes about 98% of the food moisture, a condition that enables the food to be stored for long time. Additionally, the process does not change the cells structure of the products. This enables the foods to retain their freshness, vitamins, nutrients, color and aroma.

Benefits of Using Freeze Dried Food when camping:

Special processing of these foods makes them ideal for campers for various reasons. Some of the benefits that come along with these foods include:


Freeze dried foods are easily packaged in smaller packages for easy storage. This simply means that more food is stored in manageable packages that are portable. Their portability makes them ideal for camping expeditions.

High Nutrition:

Compared to canned and dehydrated foods, these foods are highly nutritious because their preservation method does not change the cell structure of the foods. This ensures that their nutritional value is maintained. Since camping expeditions always distance campers from nutritious foods and force some to use supplements, with these foods they stand a chance of getting all the much needed nutrients. Additionally, the foods taste natural when prepared.

Easy Preparation:

These foods are easy to prepare. You are only required to add a given measure of hot or warm water and wait for about 12 minutes or so, for them to be ready. This makes them ideal for camping expeditions because the convenience of preparing foods when camping might be a nightmare at times.


These foods are affordable and come in different packages that are ideal for different number of individuals. For instance, Wise foods come in different packages that are highly discounted. Also, Wise foods are packaged in affordable kits that are calculated to last for a given period of time. In addition, the price of these foods is also slashed further when you order them in bulk.


A wide variety of foods are preserved through this method and you can actually choose from any combination for your camping expeditions. Although some foods and drinks are not preserved through freeze drying, you can substitute them with other foods. You can also get freeze dried meals in a special kit that combines a well balanced diet in a single package.